Eastern Conference NBA Finals

Image result for cavaliers vs celtics 2017

Finally I predict that the Celtics will end their playoff run in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs are too much of a force in the East and right now with their current roster, they can’t lose in the playoffs until Lebron finally realizes how old he is. This series shouldn’t be anything special as at seems that the Cavs will roll the Celtics. I think the Celtics can win 1 game but I can’t see the Cavs losing more than 1 game.

If the Celtics want to win the series, I think they need to pray that Lebron gets injured. Playoff Lebron is a force unheard of and nobody in the NBA can match him in the playoffs. If he gets injured, the Celtics have a chance. However the rest of the Cavs’ lineup is still pretty deadly and the Celtics will need to fight hard. The Cavs just have an overall better team in debatably every position. Better rebounding center, better all around PF, better SF. The Guard spots are probably the spots that the Celtics are in mach with the Cavs, but the Cavalier guards are still deadly. The Celtics need luck on their side if they have any chance to beat the Cavs in the ECF.

Finally, the Cavs should easily roll over the Celtics if they play their style of playoff basketball. Have Lebron control the game and run the game through him. He has been a force in the playoffs for his whole career it seems and he hasn’t regressed one bit. After sweeping the Pacers, the Cavs won the first game against the Raptors that showed off their dominance. If the Cavs keep playing the same way they have been, they should easily beat the Celtics and have a good chance of possibly even sweeping them.



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