Second Round of the NBA Playoffs

Image result for celtics vs wizards 2017

If the first round ends like it should, the Eastern Conference Semi Finals should be the Celtics versus the Wizards. During the Regular Season they tied the series 2-2. It should be a hard fought series that has a possibility of going to a game seven.

For the Celtics to win the series, they need to clean up their rebounding. The have four people averaging at least 5 rebounds and their big center Marcin Gortat averaging over 10. The Celtics need to collectively box out. Another thing the Celtics need to do it have all around scoring. They can’t bet on winning games consistently with only Isaiah Thomas scoring the majority of their points.

For the Wizards to win the series, they need to slow down Isaiah Thomas and keep him out of the paint. In the first round of the playoffs, Isaiah was the leader of points in the paint between both teams. His dominance has been clear cut and stopping him would almost nullify the Celtics offense. Another thing that will help them win is capitalizing on rebounding. The Celtics are a weak rebounding team most of the time. In game 1 between these teams, the Celtics’ leading rebounder was 5 foot 9 guard Isaiah Thomas with 6 rebounds. Their team had no players averaging over 7 rebounds.


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