First Round of The NBA Playoffs

Image result for celtics vs bulls 2017

If the NBA season ends as predicted, the Celtics will end up with the first seed in the East and the Bulls with the eighth seed. This match up favors the Celtics even if they tied the season series 2-2, but it will be a well fought battle from both teams.

First, the Celtics won two games against the Bulls in the regular season. The first was decided by 7 points. This win was achieved from a big performance from Amir Johnson who scored 23 points, had 6 boards, 3 assists and added on 3 steals and 2 blocks. This was by far his best game of the season and if he can replicate this again in the playoffs, the Celtics should cruise past the Bulls. The Second game that the Celtics won against the Bulls was a blowout, 80-100. The game was ugly quick and it shows the end of the season Bulls and Celtics. Without the versatile scoring a defense brought by Taj Gibson, who they traded before the trade deadline, the Bulls have struggled to find more scoring.  The Bulls have regressed on scoring, only scoring 9 points in the first quarter and 26 in the half. This also shows the Celtics capability of being a top 5 defensive team if they can clean up rebounding like they did that game, out rebounding the Bulls 40-51. They shut down the Bulls’ best player, Jimmy Butler, and held him to merely 5 points. Also they Celtics really played as a team, as 6 out of the 10 players that played that day scored in double figures.

The Bulls won 2 times against the Celtics in the regular season. The first game was 99-105 win. They won this game with clutch play of Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic, and Taj Gibosn. They shut down the Celtics bench players and ultimately ended the Celtics. The second game they won a very tight game 104-103. However this game was very controversial as when Jimmy Butler took the final shot for the lead and missed, the ref called a late foul which many people believe was not a foul. It was called though and Butler drained both free throws to beat the Celtics by 1. If the Bulls want to beat the Celtics in this series, they need to run their offense through Rajon Rondo. He can still be a good player for the team if he gets the chance. His playmaking and floor general skills are far superior to any other point gaurd on the Bulls. Also if they command the boards, they can get many offensive boards over the Celtics’ weak rebounding. If they do this, the Bulls have a good chance of beating the Celtics in the series.


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