Third Blog Post 4/10/17


Image result for web design logoToday in class I plan to make another blog post about Web Design and potentially make a blog post about a different blog post, for instance about Star Wars or sports. I will also edit my Word Press website to make it fit the theme I want and make many minor changes that will overall make my website better.

In class I achieved making my new blog post about Web Design however I am still working on making my other category blog post. I have decided to make it about sports and chose to write about the Celtics playoff chances and basketball in general. I also have decided that I might make another category abut baseball later down the road. It will be similar to the basketball one, just a different sport. I also haven’t worked on the themes of my website, but I do enjoy it however.

Next class I will make my first blog post about basketball. I will start to finalize ideas and try and find a good theme to use with talking about basketball. Also I will install my website to the network.


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