Second Blog Post 4/6/17


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Today in class I plan to be cheering on the Robo-Rebels and hoping for them to get a dub. Also I will try and find out if any websites that I have finished are on the class website or not. Also I plan to refine my blog post and make it the most efficient and interesting post.

In class I achieved cheering on the Robo-Rebels as they won. However, Mr. Scott was not happy as the Rebels left a great opportunity to move up in placement by doing something very achievable for them, but they did win which was good. I also reviewed my websites to see if anything was wrong with them and it seemed to be good. Finally I have tried to refine my blog by making it more to the point and quicker to read through

Next class I plan to make another blog post about Web Design and potentially make a blog post about a different blog post for instance Star Wars or sports. I will also edit my Word Press website to make it fit the theme I want and make many minor changes that will overall make my website better.


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