My First Blog Post 4/5/17


Today in class I plan to watch a few videos about Word Press. My Next goal is to pick out a template for my Word Press website that I will use to post my blogs on. Finally it is to make my first blog post.

Together as a class we achieved watching all the necessary videos to learn how to use WordPress. This really helped us get  a basic knowledge of the program that we will be using for a lot of the time at the end of the year. Next I achieved on my own finding a clean, aesthetically pleasing website that would fit my needs at a blog website but also be organized and overall looking good. Finally, right now I am accomplishing making my first blog post. This will be my first so it won’t be my best ever, but it will be a good point to start learning so I can get better and put out the best blog posts I can.

Tomorrow I will work on my second ever blog post, and hopefully refine anything wrong with this blog post. I will also be cheering on the Robo-Rebels and hoping for them to get a dub. Also I will try and find out if any websites that I have finished are on the class website or not.


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