My Last Post

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This will be my last post ever, and I’d like to compare my career to Paul Pierce. Pierce recently played his last game of his career and will sign a 1-day contract to retire with the Celtics. Over his career he averaged about 20 points a game, 5 rebounds and 3.5 assists. Many Celtics fans loved him and will forever love him as a person and a competitor. He is a future Hall of Famer who will be remembered in history and especially in Celtics history. The Celtics will retire #34 in honor of him as he was beloved in Boston. Goodbye.


Eastern Conference NBA Finals

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Finally I predict that the Celtics will end their playoff run in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs are too much of a force in the East and right now with their current roster, they can’t lose in the playoffs until Lebron finally realizes how old he is. This series shouldn’t be anything special as at seems that the Cavs will roll the Celtics. I think the Celtics can win 1 game but I can’t see the Cavs losing more than 1 game.

If the Celtics want to win the series, I think they need to pray that Lebron gets injured. Playoff Lebron is a force unheard of and nobody in the NBA can match him in the playoffs. If he gets injured, the Celtics have a chance. However the rest of the Cavs’ lineup is still pretty deadly and the Celtics will need to fight hard. The Cavs just have an overall better team in debatably every position. Better rebounding center, better all around PF, better SF. The Guard spots are probably the spots that the Celtics are in mach with the Cavs, but the Cavalier guards are still deadly. The Celtics need luck on their side if they have any chance to beat the Cavs in the ECF.

Finally, the Cavs should easily roll over the Celtics if they play their style of playoff basketball. Have Lebron control the game and run the game through him. He has been a force in the playoffs for his whole career it seems and he hasn’t regressed one bit. After sweeping the Pacers, the Cavs won the first game against the Raptors that showed off their dominance. If the Cavs keep playing the same way they have been, they should easily beat the Celtics and have a good chance of possibly even sweeping them.


Second Round of the NBA Playoffs

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If the first round ends like it should, the Eastern Conference Semi Finals should be the Celtics versus the Wizards. During the Regular Season they tied the series 2-2. It should be a hard fought series that has a possibility of going to a game seven.

For the Celtics to win the series, they need to clean up their rebounding. The have four people averaging at least 5 rebounds and their big center Marcin Gortat averaging over 10. The Celtics need to collectively box out. Another thing the Celtics need to do it have all around scoring. They can’t bet on winning games consistently with only Isaiah Thomas scoring the majority of their points.

For the Wizards to win the series, they need to slow down Isaiah Thomas and keep him out of the paint. In the first round of the playoffs, Isaiah was the leader of points in the paint between both teams. His dominance has been clear cut and stopping him would almost nullify the Celtics offense. Another thing that will help them win is capitalizing on rebounding. The Celtics are a weak rebounding team most of the time. In game 1 between these teams, the Celtics’ leading rebounder was 5 foot 9 guard Isaiah Thomas with 6 rebounds. Their team had no players averaging over 7 rebounds.

First Round of The NBA Playoffs

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If the NBA season ends as predicted, the Celtics will end up with the first seed in the East and the Bulls with the eighth seed. This match up favors the Celtics even if they tied the season series 2-2, but it will be a well fought battle from both teams.

First, the Celtics won two games against the Bulls in the regular season. The first was decided by 7 points. This win was achieved from a big performance from Amir Johnson who scored 23 points, had 6 boards, 3 assists and added on 3 steals and 2 blocks. This was by far his best game of the season and if he can replicate this again in the playoffs, the Celtics should cruise past the Bulls. The Second game that the Celtics won against the Bulls was a blowout, 80-100. The game was ugly quick and it shows the end of the season Bulls and Celtics. Without the versatile scoring a defense brought by Taj Gibson, who they traded before the trade deadline, the Bulls have struggled to find more scoring.  The Bulls have regressed on scoring, only scoring 9 points in the first quarter and 26 in the half. This also shows the Celtics capability of being a top 5 defensive team if they can clean up rebounding like they did that game, out rebounding the Bulls 40-51. They shut down the Bulls’ best player, Jimmy Butler, and held him to merely 5 points. Also they Celtics really played as a team, as 6 out of the 10 players that played that day scored in double figures.

The Bulls won 2 times against the Celtics in the regular season. The first game was 99-105 win. They won this game with clutch play of Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic, and Taj Gibosn. They shut down the Celtics bench players and ultimately ended the Celtics. The second game they won a very tight game 104-103. However this game was very controversial as when Jimmy Butler took the final shot for the lead and missed, the ref called a late foul which many people believe was not a foul. It was called though and Butler drained both free throws to beat the Celtics by 1. If the Bulls want to beat the Celtics in this series, they need to run their offense through Rajon Rondo. He can still be a good player for the team if he gets the chance. His playmaking and floor general skills are far superior to any other point gaurd on the Bulls. Also if they command the boards, they can get many offensive boards over the Celtics’ weak rebounding. If they do this, the Bulls have a good chance of beating the Celtics in the series.

Third Blog Post 4/10/17


Image result for web design logoToday in class I plan to make another blog post about Web Design and potentially make a blog post about a different blog post, for instance about Star Wars or sports. I will also edit my Word Press website to make it fit the theme I want and make many minor changes that will overall make my website better.

In class I achieved making my new blog post about Web Design however I am still working on making my other category blog post. I have decided to make it about sports and chose to write about the Celtics playoff chances and basketball in general. I also have decided that I might make another category abut baseball later down the road. It will be similar to the basketball one, just a different sport. I also haven’t worked on the themes of my website, but I do enjoy it however.

Next class I will make my first blog post about basketball. I will start to finalize ideas and try and find a good theme to use with talking about basketball. Also I will install my website to the network.

Second Blog Post 4/6/17


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Today in class I plan to be cheering on the Robo-Rebels and hoping for them to get a dub. Also I will try and find out if any websites that I have finished are on the class website or not. Also I plan to refine my blog post and make it the most efficient and interesting post.

In class I achieved cheering on the Robo-Rebels as they won. However, Mr. Scott was not happy as the Rebels left a great opportunity to move up in placement by doing something very achievable for them, but they did win which was good. I also reviewed my websites to see if anything was wrong with them and it seemed to be good. Finally I have tried to refine my blog by making it more to the point and quicker to read through

Next class I plan to make another blog post about Web Design and potentially make a blog post about a different blog post for instance Star Wars or sports. I will also edit my Word Press website to make it fit the theme I want and make many minor changes that will overall make my website better.

My First Blog Post 4/5/17


Today in class I plan to watch a few videos about Word Press. My Next goal is to pick out a template for my Word Press website that I will use to post my blogs on. Finally it is to make my first blog post.

Together as a class we achieved watching all the necessary videos to learn how to use WordPress. This really helped us get  a basic knowledge of the program that we will be using for a lot of the time at the end of the year. Next I achieved on my own finding a clean, aesthetically pleasing website that would fit my needs at a blog website but also be organized and overall looking good. Finally, right now I am accomplishing making my first blog post. This will be my first so it won’t be my best ever, but it will be a good point to start learning so I can get better and put out the best blog posts I can.

Tomorrow I will work on my second ever blog post, and hopefully refine anything wrong with this blog post. I will also be cheering on the Robo-Rebels and hoping for them to get a dub. Also I will try and find out if any websites that I have finished are on the class website or not.